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hello Mimi, Your music is fabulous. I heard you at Monday nite Jazz at Bushnell Park on Aug .10 2015. I left and by error did not buy your CD. I'm going to try to buy it today. I hope I could buy it from you , a signed copy would be great. Thank you Mimi for sharing your God given talent with us in Hartford, Ct.
I'm feelin' this
Hi Mimi, I just got home a little while ago from the Playboy Jazz Festival and I must say that you, Tia and the others in your group were sensational. Our group of 4 enjoyed it immensely.
Mimi...I am a 62 year-old black female who loves you already. Hoping to attend your concert in Philadelphia on March 23rd.
Dear Mimi: It was great to see you again at the Strathmore with Tia Fuller. It was truly an awesome concert. As always, you were holding it down on the bass with grace, beauty, and soul. You fill us with joy and pride. All the best to you on your new project. May God continue to bless and keep you. peace, joy, and light, Reva
thanks Stanley! yes please bring ur axe next time, thank you for ur kind words, bless see ya soon! Mimi Mimi, 'twas nice meeting you at Makeda's last Thursday. the band sounded sweet, I liked the idea of having a percussionist instead of a full drum set. More mellow and intimate. The next time you are around I'll bring my trumpet
1st of all, Happy Birthday to you, and hopefully you are continuing to celebrate, gurl things def need to improve as we go along. and Im am just thrilled to here you doing your thang, with the writing! I would love to stay in touch and possibly even collaborate some time. Thankyou for all your support and spreading the word. It truly appreciated! my personal number is 917 378 7650, great to meet you Kristie! Mimi We met at Cornelia Street Cafe on 8/20/11. The next day was my birthday and you, Camille, and other band members kicked off bringing in my 40th right. I have your CD and am encouraging my friends in Baltimore to buy it. Plus definitely travel to not only in support, but to embrace your gift that moves the soul and spirit. It would be an honor to collaborate as sisters and artists alike. I have been writing for many years and ready for it to emerge to the next level. I hope we can keep in touch. Peace and many blessings.
What can I say? You are simply awesome.
Hi mimi I was listen to your soultry voice and sayig to mnyself,it is a honor to have met you through ruth, I love your style and music, go with love from your heart, love james Thank you James your words are tremendous and mean a lot to me!
I love you music and your style. Good luck and I will watch out for your next tour date here in Detroit, MI Thank You BJ, Im had a great Time in Detroit this year and im definitely looking forward to many more! Take good care of yourself, Bless, Mimi
KUDOS on your new CD, Mimi..... The sampler music is beautiful. Hurdy and I will purchase the CD soon. When are you performing in the NYC area? We look forward to seeing your beautiful face soon-soon. BIG hugs and chocolate kisses, Barbara & Hurdy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Awwh I miss you guys! how are you doing? I'll be playing atthe Jazz Standard on the 19th and 20th with the Tia Fuller band, looking frward to seeing my extended fam again, be well nd thx for the shout! See you soon. :-)
greetings from poland. marvelous music,very inovatine and oryginal, thanks. keep on composing!!! Thank You Tomas!!!!
Jazz lives in Chicago! COME. I Agree, see you there! thanks:0)
I was highly impressed and very lovingly creative....Sure would be nice to see and hear your music in the Chicagoland area...Care and keep on musically...Andre " Play the Bass" Sparks thank Youuuuu Andre. I am definitely considering doing a midwest tour, in 2010. and so I will put you on my list and let you know when we will be in town. May this message find you safe and well... Mimi Jones
Baby sis', you are the baddest chick for the bass and tasty vocal work as well. Love it my friend!!! Thank youuuuu! Im over here just trying to grind it out, always a work in progress so its great to get shouts like that from time to time, Bless! Mimi
Mimi, thank you for that wonderful night at the Blue Note... Hope to see you guys in Greece! :) Your friend, Dimitris. Aaah! Thank You for hanging with us! Im hoping to get to Greece later this year, I will definitely send you an email, to let you know when, Bless and take care, looking forward to seeing you again soon:0) Mimi
You are so amazing! Your spirit exudes hope, true joy, peace, and a knowingness that anything is possible. I will sooo be at your next concert. Have a blessed day!
Heard some of your music last night while u were a quest on WBAI's Sugar in my Bowl. I am a former music student of PA (Performing Arts HS)and just want to say that u r truly gifted. Your sound is beautiful. Don't ever stop doing what your doing cause u will bring joy to many lives. thank you sooo much, I know that you must know how intense and challenging the journey can be, and so it means a lot that you noticed something and took the time to say so, Many blessings to you and yours:0) Mimi
Checked you out on CD Baby.much luck with your cd and career. hey Pichi how are thangs? still making that good music i hope cand i cant wait to play again w/ you, :0)
Mimi, I am diggin' this a lot! Spread the love! It is truly a blessing to have worked with someone of your musical stature and humility! May we work together again soon!
I appreciate the talent you show through your expression of emotion with the instrumental sounds. Peace, Cheryl
Mimi, you are truly brilliant! the depth of your music speaks to the depth of your spirit. beautiful person and beautiful music. Thank you for sharing..
All I can say is "WOW!" Dwayne thanks again for your energy and your support, blessings!
What a joy to meeting someones who makes such beautiful music on the outside and is equally beautiful on the inside

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